Solid Trust Pay a reliable way to get money?

Solid Trust Pay

Solid Trust Pay is like a global Paypal account every kind of online business requires you to have some way to get your funds.  Solid Trust pay is a very reliable way to get money into your bank account.  I have been using them for well over 12 months and always got my money into my bank account.

Setting up your Solid Trust Pay account

Setting up your Solid Trust Pay account can take a little bit of time however, is well worth it and to me has proven to be the most reliable when it comes to getting your money to your bank account.  Here is step by step so that you can quickly set up an account and get verifies so that you may start to get payments from your online ventures.

1. You need to have your name and ID approved first.
2. Scan in a phone or utility bill and photo ID. make sure photo ID is in color not black and white.
3. Save as a JPEG (image or photo).
4. When giving the image a name when you are saving it in your picture folder MAKE IT SHORT like Jo passport. Not JOANNE THOMSON PASSPORT IMAGE. They reject some for this reason.
5.When your ID is approved. Very fast. Could be hours or a few days. Then you get bank verified.
6. You add in your bank details to the Solid Trust Pay site then upload a JPEG of your bank statement.

Learned today they want to be able to see you IBAN and SWIFT/BIC code on the statement. Posted statements have this but screen shots may not have.That means you have to visit the bank to get this statement. MAKE SURE THE STATEMENT SHOWS WHAT BANK IT IS ALSO.  As some banks print off a statement and you cant tell what bank it is.
7. It can take 14 biz days to get bank approval. If it runs over you send a support ticket in to check status. They normally post the date they are up to approving that day.  They email you once its approved.

Hopefully these tips help!

Solid Trust Pay is a reliable global payment source

Once you have set up and verified your account you are ready and can start getting your money from Solid Trust Pay. I have had to contact Solid Trust Pay customer support many times and they have always helped me quickly and efficiently.  Solid Trust Pay has proven their reliability to me and I am very happy with their service and never had a problem getting my money to my bank account.

If you are venturing into the online business world I highly recommend using Solid Trust Pay as your global payment source as there are other companies that do not have a proven track record as Solid Trust Pay does.

For more information about Solid Trust Pay or to create your free account please click here or the banner below and you will be sent to their website to set up a free Solid Trust Pay account today.

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What the heck is Revenue Share and does Hourly Rev Share work?

 Online revenue sharing consists in people working together and registering online in a way similar to that of a corporation, and sharing the proceeds. A third form of revenue share on the internet consists of enticing internet users to sign up and create content by offering a share of advertising revenue. Information provided by Wikipedia read full definition by clicking here


Hourly Rev Share revenue share

 Discover the full potential of Hourly Rev Share directly in my account

Hourly Rev Share offers three plans for revenue share


4.5% Basic Plan

Min AdPack: $5       Maximum AdPack: $295
Earn 0.1875% Per hour!
Earn 4.5% Cumulative hourly interest every day!
Earn 135% Cumulative interest Every 30 days!
Earn 6% Direct Referral commission! 3% and 1% on indirect referral.
Get instant 1000 advertising credit!

Get 1000 Credit on each Share purchase.
Advertise up to 5 banners or text ads for your site
No Sponsoring required to Earn.


5.5% Premium Plan

Min AdPack: $300      Maximum AdPack: $995

Earn 0.2291% Per hour!
Earn 5.5% Cumulative hourly interest every day!
Earn 165% Cumulative interest Every 30 days!
Get instant 5000 advertising credit!

Get 5000 Credit on Each Share purchase.
Earn 7% Direct Referral commission! 4% and 2% on indirect referral.
Advertise up to 5 of your site
No Sponsoring required to Earn.


6.5% VIP Plan

Min AdPack: $1000    Maximum AdPack: $10000

Earn 0.278% Per hour!
Earn 6.5% Cumulative hourly interest every day!
Earn 195% Cumulative interest Every 30 days!
Get instant 10,000 advertising credit!

Get 10,000 Credit on Each Share purchase.
Earn 8% Direct Referral commission! 5% and 3% on indirect referral.
Advertise up to 5 of your site
No Sponsoring required to Earn.

Here is a video that explains how to buy revenue share for Hourly Rev Share

You can also use this calculator to help you figure out how to quickly buy revenue share and easily profit with Hourly Rev Share

Buying Revenue Share in Hourly Rev Share my full Review

Hourly Rev Share so far has been very promising to me out of the various things that I have been in and tried online.  Truly it is the easiest thing that I have EVER done and to be able to buy revenue share and then just watch my account grow has been an amazing journey.  I will be updating videos very soon for this however in the mean time here are the screen shots from Hourly Rev Share that shows how quickly your revenue share can grow by becoming a member of Hourly Rev Share.

Initial revenue share amount spent on Hourly Rev Share

Earning for revenue share from Hourly Rev Share

Advertising Revenue Share with Hourly Rev Share has been a blessing to me and it is so easy it is truly a set it and forget it money making opportunity.  I can not stop logging in to my account and watching it grow literally by the hour.  Last week I made 42.17 while cleaning house!  You can get a free account and I highly recommend using the calculator to gather a strategy for yourself.

UPDATE on shares and money made!!

Also, as with ANY online business NEVER put more money in than you can afford to lose.  All online companies come with risks and you need to be aware of this before putting any money in.  Trust your gut!  I started in Hourly Rev Share with a large amount because a couple of my good friends recommended it and have had great success with Hourly Rev Share.

I highly recommend Hourly Rev Share for an online revenue share company and believe that the company will be around for a long time to come.  Get your free account today below and let’s start making you the money you deserve!

To get your free account please click here or the banner below and feel free to send me an email if you have any questions regarding revenue share with Hourly Rev Share

You will need to have a Solid Trust Pay account in order to get paid if you need an account please click below
Solid Trust Pay

For a full review and how to quickly set up your free Solid Trust Pay account click here now

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Discover how an Ex-homeless man turned his life around and is now earning $250,000/month.  He shares his Secret that Could Double Your Income and Change Your Life


As you watch the entire video, and listen to David’s speech, you will see and feel what he has been through to get to where he is at now; you may even remember parts of your own personal story.  You will also see and know that you will go through some things as you are on your own personal journey to success.

Give yourself time to grow.  What you are getting here, is you are getting an education that you don’t get in college.

78% of football players are broke, 3-5 years after they retire from football.

Here’s why… They don’t know shit about business or marketing.

Professional athletes, and actors, are two of the few examples of success that are placed in the public eye.  Their accomplishments are, and should be celebrated, because they rise above the pack, and have become exceptional at a specific skill.

You will become great at something when you make the decision to do what most people are not willing to do to develop a certain skill.

David Sharpe demonstrated this point in his speech, as you listen to it, you will understand what I am talking about.

In the next sixth months, actually, in the next 4-5 months, what we are going to release out of Empower Network, is going to flip everybody on their head.

All this bullshit that we’ve been dealing with from all these cats out here, and I don’t even want to go into it, but all these other sites, and all these assholes, and all these haters, we are about to eliminate them all.

Because you know what, sometimes the best way to do something is to do it yourself.  That is what we have going on behind the scenes, and that is about as much as I am going to say about that.

One thing that you never do in this industry, is you never take away from a comp plan.  NEVER take money away from people, EVER.  Never take money away from a comp plan, BUT, you can add to a comp plan.

When you take the time to listen to this entire speech, you will realize why the Empower Network is more than just a business.  You will realize why it is a movement.

To read the full story click here now


This is a Business that is changing lives and can change yours PERIOD!  We have everything in place to help you be successful if you are ready and willing.  We are a team of Entrepreneurs that are building dreams and futures for average people that are struggling and believe there is another way.  A way to be at home with their families and to be financially free.  If you are looking for a way out join us today and let’s write you story to success.  You can join below for $25 dollars do this now to change your life!

To read more about finding financial freedom you may enjoy reading this article hope you enjoy it (click here now)

To read more how the Empower Network is helping people all over the world find success (click here now)

If you have questions please feel free to contact me I am here to help you set your life free

Sales Leads Everyone needs them yet 90% Can Not Find Them {Available Here}

If you have have a Home Based Business you need Sales Leads.  PERIOD!  With out them your business WILL NOT make it.  I know how hard it can be especially at first to find them and trying to do it the free way well… it is just not that effective.

sales leadsI know when I first started out I struggled for months not knowing why it was not working out for me and I could not get good sales leads no matter how hard I tried.  I think that is where most people fail in the beginning they start up a Business and do not have a budget for marketing and advertising.

sales leads

So if you have a Home Based Business you need to Stop right now and realize it is a Business not a ‘job’.  You need to promote it and you need a budget for advertising.  I am going to share with you the Fastest way to get sales leads for your business.  If you ask Anyone that has found success in the online world they will tell you that solo ads are the quickest way to build your list and give you the sales leads you need.

sales leads

Finding sales leads does not have to be hard…

We will discuss two options here the first will be very important and if you are new or have been online and not found any success in finding good sales leads it could very well be because you are using the same capture page that 90% of the other affiliates are using and does not give you an USP (unique sales position) or you have just not found the correct way to get sales leads.

sales leads

So we will discuss the company I am using that is giving me leverage and allowing me to get the sales leads I need for my home based business.  This is a very quick way to build your list and get sales leads and you know what they say “the fortune is in the list”



Once you have built a list it will enable you to get the sales that you crave and give you the income that you are working towards.  So if you are wanting good quality sales leads from people actively searching for work at home and business opportunities then you need to get into the coop that is in place.

Sales Leads Source Revealed

As I mentioned above that there are two ways to get sales leads with my secret source.  You may decide that you have a good unique high converting capture page, a good follow up series and good ad copy for you campaigns if this is true and you just want to get in the coop you can scroll down and order however, many clicks in the coop you wish.

sales leads

However, I highly recommend you join as an Allstar and get paid commissions allowing you to pay for your advertising.   This is what I do and it is allowing me to leverage the sales leads I need and pays for them as well.  You can access the information on how you can easily get your traffic paid for as I do by clicking here now


To see a full company review and how these tools will help you build your business and help you make a monthly residual income please read the full article here.


If you already have the tools you need and are just needing high quality sales leads then you can order them below.  Please make an informed decision here if you do not have the correct capture page that converts or a well written follow up series these sales leads will not be a good fit for you.  You must know how it works…

sales leads

High Converting Capture Page to collect the email, then a high quality follow up series that gets these leads to know you and what your company is about.  If you don’t have these two things in place YOU WILL FAIL!

Sorry to be so blunt but that is the truth!  If you are using the capture page from your business opportunity you will get a considerably lower opt in rate.  If you don’t have a unique capture page or follow up series you should click here and discover how the Allstar level will help you accomplish this and become successful. Get your game face on by clicking the pic below…

sales leads

We will teach you how to professionally achieve these things to get the results with the sales leads you acquire to convert them into sales.  Because with out those two things well you can get all the sales leads but it will land you with NO SALES!

 Getting Sales Leads for Your Home Based Business {The Quick and EASY Way}

Sales Leads ~ I have been actively participating in these coops weekly and it is giving me the sales leads I need to get sales for my Home Based Business Opportunity.  These sales leads can be used for ANY Home Based Business Opportunity you choose.  You can click on the order button below to order which ever package is best for your budget.  Please remember this should be a weekly commitment.sales leads

Most people pay once and think that is all they need to do.  You must stay CONSISTENT for it to work so start on a level you can afford weekly and as you get sales you can use that leverage to scale up.


sales leads


Here is a video about scaling up your marketing and is very important to understand in growing your business and finding sales leads daily.

If you are only wanting sales leads and would like to be a part of the coop you can order below.  Please know if you don’t have a unique capture page I HIGHLY recommend you read the article regarding this so that you do not pay money for the coop and not experience good results.  You can access that information by clicking here. 

Here is the order form for you to order clicks to get the sales leads you are needing.

60 – 70 Clicks

You are purchasing a 60 click solo ad. You should expect to receive anywhere between 60-70 clicks after the solo ad goes live

125 – 150 Clicks

You are purchasing a 125 click solo ad. You should expect to receive anywhere between 125-150 clicks after the solo ad goes live

250 – 300 Clicks

You are purchasing a 250 click solo ad. You should expect to receive anywhere between 250-300 clicks after the solo ad goes live

500 – 600 Clicks

You are purchasing a 500 click solo ad. You should expect to receive anywhere between 500-600 clicks after the solo ad goes live

1000 – 1150 Clicks

You are purchasing a 1000 click solo ad. You should expect to receive anywhere between 1000-1150 clicks after the solo ad goes live.

Once you purchase your solo ad please follow these simple instructions:

1. Send me an email to with the subject:

“ATTN: Solo Ad Co-Op.”

2. Please enclose your name, your paypal email, and your link to your capture page that you would like to be used for your solo ad.

***Important: Please take note that solo ads do not start immediately. Solo ads usually take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to begin however, they have been going out weekly.

Quality Sales Leads = Sales

I am very happy with the quality leads I am receiving from these coops and am successfully making sales with these coops.  I was not successful for so long online and know how frustrating it can be.

sales leads

It was not until I joined this awesome group of people and got in as an Allstar (read the article by CLICKING HERE) and using the tools and training in place for our team that I found success.  We are here for you to get the sales leads YOU need and to give you support to grow your business.

Isn’t it time for you to cross that finish line and WIN?

sales leads

They have made it so easy to get the sales leads I needed and the given me the knowledge to convert the sales leads into sales.  Awwww Mission Accomplished!  Finally!  So if you are struggling just know you do NOT have to be in it alone!

sales leads

We have everything in place so you can quickly find success all you have to do is join us!  We are welcoming new team members everyday and helping people write their success stories.

Are you ready to write yours?

Get in and Start getting the sales leads you need to make your business flourish!

sales leads

Get in the Coop and get the sales leads YOU need Today!

sales leads


God Bless you and I truly look forward to helping you find success (and sales leads) If you need help please feel free to contact me using the form below.

1 use contact me fixed






Melissa Herndon

Looking for some backlink juice to your site but don’t know how…


Building a backlink to your site can be tedious and well just out right frustrating.  Outsourcing it can be expensive and doing yourself is tricky.  I remember my first SEO blog post I did and got it perfect and sent it over for a friend with experience to take a look.

Then he said that looks fantastic now you need to build a backlink to it.  What??? I was so frustrated I had spent all of this time to make a perfect blog post that I was sure Google would love and it would give me tons of organic traffic…. WRONG!


Building the proper backlink can give you all the organic search engine traffic you could dream about

At this point I was ready to throw the towel in it seemed it was just way to much work and I was spinning my wheels.  However, I then realized that if I put the work in and created those backlink it would pay off in the long run giving me FREE traffic to my site.

They say ‘Content is King’ and it is very true if you can get Google, Yahoo or Bing to send you some search engine traffic it is all FREE and let’s be honest here paying for it well just STINKS!


So here I was a girl on a mission LOL!  I started to ask around in our Top Secret Group on Facebook and I was given a little secret…  A system that would build my backlink for me!  AWWWWW the answers to my backlink night mares were Over!

So I thought maybe I should share this ‘secret’ with everyone so that they could not have to deal with this backlink issue and be productive doing the other 5 million things in their business that were more important.

What in the heck is a backlink and why do I need them?


Backlink, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.

Inbound links were originally important (prior to the emergence of search engines) as a primary means of web navigation; today, their significance lies in search engine optimization (SEO).

The number of backlink is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page (for example, this is used by Google to determine the PageRank of a webpage). Outside of SEO, the backlinks of a webpage may be of significant personal, cultural or semantic interest: they indicate who is paying attention to that page. ~ courtesy of  Wikipedia

The importance of a backlink if you want to rank on the search engines for anything

A search engine considers the content of the sites to determine the QUALITY of a link. When inbound links to your site come from other sites, and those sites have content related to your site, these inbound links are considered more relevant to your site.

If inbound links are found on sites with unrelated content, they are considered less relevant. The higher the relevance of inbound links, the greater their quality.

Getting a backlink to your article is a MUST and below you will discover the easy way out

So now that we know the importance of a backlink let’s solve the problem (very easy).  I told you earlier I asked around in my team secret facebook group and I was shocked at how easy this backlink thing could be and how inexpensive this service is as well…


Social Monkee offers a Full backlink service and it is a simple backlink solution to a complicated problem.  I have used this software for about 2 weeks and my blog posts are now ranking in the search engines!  YEAH!  Here is a short video of how Social Monkee works:

Mission accomplished here and for less than a price to go see a movie now days you can get backlink for your articles daily.  Here is what Social Monkee offers and how they over deliver in the backlink department.


  • Submit 1 URL to 25 Sites Every Day
    Create up to 25 backlink to any page every day! That’s up to 750 new backlinks every month. Imagine being about able to create 25 backlinks to every single of your pages…
  • For Better Search Engine Rankings & More Traffic
    Those backlink will help your pages get indexed faster and get better search engine rankings, for more traffic, and more business. That’s exactly what any online business needs.
  • Boost Your Existing Backlinks
    Boost your existing backlink to get them indexed in a snap and pass on some link juice. Your Tier 1 backlink will thus hold more value, which will result in higher search engine rankings.
  • Get Access to Link Reports & Statistics
    S You can keep a record of your backlink and see if they have been indexed in the search engines or not. This is the best way to ensure that none of your links have been omitted by the search engines.
  • Submit URLs in a Snap With Our Firefox Plugin
    With our Firefox Plugin you can submit URLs directly from Firefox, without even having to log into the members area. The plugin will pre-populate the fields for you, making the whole process even faster.
  • All Sites on Unique C-Class IP Addresses
    All our sites have their own domain name and are on unique C-Class IP addresses (from different servers), which means that all the backlink you get are unique and made to last.
  • Earn 40% Commissions on Referrals
    You can also earn 40% commissions on Silver and Premium referrals. All you need to do is to add your ClickBank ID to your Social Monkee profile, and share your affiliate link and get paid for helping people backlink their site…

This my friend just does not get any easier to get a backlink or cheaper for that matter.  If you are needing a backlink to rank you need this software it is only $7 bucks for the whole year.  Dirt Cheap!


Of course they offer other packages and I recommend the $47 dollar package as you will be allowed more URL’s per day and this will give you more backlink juice.


So to get your hands on this backlink monster of a tool just click the link and you will be taken to the order page and you can start your backlink juice sucking journey Today!


 Another great tool I use to get ranked in the search engines quickly is the blog you are reading right now!  The Alexa ranking is high giving you the an authority site allowing you easily rank in the search engines (given you get backlink juice)

Plus as an added bonus if you are an affiliate you get paid 100% commissions with all the free training you could ever want.  You will also get access to my super secret Facebook group I talked about earlier full of other Entrepreneurs to get the information you need NOW.  Click on the banner below and put in your email address to watch a FREE video so you can earn money for your article writing efforts.




For more information about getting paid for blogging please visit my blog post about it by Clicking HERE NOW.
Questions?  Please feel free to send me a message I am here to help!

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